Sunday, September 11, 2011

SPOILER (2nd Collection!)

Created this graphic :) xx

Post this on all of your blogs please , get it out there :) xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To All You Designers Out there!

Hey Hey!
So , right now I'm in a good mood , not a bad one but not the best but good I guess!
Noow , I think a lot of you may have seen whats above me by now xD
Kharma owned by Dog_boy96 (Linus , hes a graphic deisgner for Lisa Couture!) is looking for a new couture designer!
If I were you , and I loved to design clothes , I'd take this opportunity , if you think you can handle the amazing-ness of it...then go for it ;D

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our New Media Partners :

Thats all for now! :)

P.S If you still want to become a graphic designer for Lisa Couture , complete the application form in the tab , "Graphic Applications (Clothes"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We Need Media Partners!

We're looking for media partners here , so if you would like you magazine , blog , modeling agency etc. to be part of this , apply in the comments:

Stardoll Name:
Project Link:

Also if you are chosen you will need to post the new logo on your blog.
Oh and do you like our new logo? :)
Sam / Rascal313 made it for us :) xx

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Staff (Second Collection)

Poses: Dog_boy96
Runway , hair stylist & Model assembly: Rascal313
Make-up Artist : Tapstar321
Clothes Maker: Shared between Tapstar321 and xxlovexx
Designer: IrishLily09 (me)


1. Punky_Lissy
2. liajm
3. To_Royal
4. GothRibbon
5. Jay.Pattinson
6. poohg_1993
7 . Zoe_Couture
8.  iovanca
9 . Ciaraleanne
10 . Plami161

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two New Additions!

We have two more models added to our team:


Monday, April 25, 2011


1. Punky_Lissy
2. liajm
3. To_Royal
4. GothRibbon
5. Jay.Pattinson
6. poohg_1993
7 . Zoe_Couture
8.  iovanca
9 . Ciaraleanne
10 . Plami161

:) xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Applications OPEN!

Thats right!
Applications for the SECOND COLLECTION are posted!
Just look above this post to see the tabs , click on one and type!

Lisa xx :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Dressed

1. Tonia.FTW

 2. lulla96

3. Pinkandsatin

4. Freeduck_

There would've been more , but these were the only people who kept their outfits , so I put them in order starting with the one I liked best.
Also , keep an eye on this blog during the next week or so , applications for the second collection WILL be starting.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sign Here To Be On Best Dressed List!

The party has started!
You better be there , all-in-black.
Sign here to be on the best dressed list!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excited Now?

Spread it <3

Also , please note this outfit is designed by Mugler.
I did not , nor did any of the workers for Lisa Couture design this outfit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fifty Followers!

Thank you to everyone who followed and who applied for jobs!
I'm really happy we have fifty followers,please keep supporting the fashion line!

Lisa xx :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry About This..

"Well well well! Swearing gets you nowhere, and respect for you has gone out the window - you know nothing about me at all! I have done a line myself, on stardoll and real life, and tbh, you barely know a thing!
And it was you who said you wanted it out before SFW week, so you brought the rush on yourself!
And I'm no Anonymous, so I can't give a comment about that!

And has your CD been one before? Because in my line (RL) I was everything, so before you slate me, know me!
Don't begin to even think you're anyone on stardoll yet, 2 years is nowhere in that world, I'm at 5 and it's only the beginning of getting somewhere!

P.S. You are asking for comments when you do things like this! "

Comment DELETED by xx-kirsten-xxx
I know people will of me as an idiot for doing this,but I do want to reply to this comment.
It says she deleted it,but its in my e-mail inbox so I can still see it.
I just want to reply to this thats all,so ignore this post if you really want to :)

I hope your line went well,I wouldn't know.
Despite the '09' at the end of my name,I've been on Stardoll since late 2008
There is still no rush with the line,SFW was pushed back into early March so that gives me more time.
I never said you were anonymous,if you look at the other comments there was one truly anonymous person,while the other signed her name.
If you've been on Stardoll for five years,then congratulations to you .Im not trying to 'make is somewhere'.
I want people to see that I can design,that I like it and that I can do this.
It has nothing to do with getting known or that stuff.
I wrote that post when I first saw the comments,I wasn't angry,I was frustrated so it all poured out.
I'm not going to delete it,because then people would only think I was a coward,and I know I am not.
Bare in mind,I didn't swear in that post too.

I just wanted that cleared up.
 know this is annoying for some people,so if this is so , my apologies

Lisa xx :)

ENOUGH!Stop The Complaining!

Since I posted the staff,people are complaining to me.
One girl,is practically giving out to me because she didn't get chosen.
I know one girl has two jobs,but wanna know WHY?
She makes a great creative director and I know it.
She was the one who gave me the last PUSH to make this line,so shut up about it!
And back to the girl complaining she didn't get in,GROW UP!
I have applied for MILLIONS of modeling jobs and I haven't gotten any of them!
So dont be huffy.
One girl said 'Its always the Elites' when she didn't even apply for anything,she just said she wanted to be a model,but thats no good.You have to TRY as in APPLY.
If you have any crap or complaints to say it to me,say it to me!On your real account not some anonymous account,which makes that person a coward!
There are only three graphic designers,because they are AMAZING at it!
I know they are,I've seen their work which is why I decided just to have those three.
Its easier to talk about it and stuff,and to people saying 'it would be easier with more' as in get the line out quicker,yes I agree it would be.
But,there isn't much of a RUSH to get the line out.
I won't take any crap from anonymous people.I can deal with criticism just fine,but when the commenter is 'Anonymous' thats when it bugs me.
It means their afraid to say it to my face!
My  . . .pixel even!
I don't freak out or get angry or even be SAD if I dont get chosen for a model.
I just type something like . .  'Congrats!' and leave it at that.
Any criticism,throw it at me see if I give a damn.
I won't care,I will react of course,but I know its not personal,not to me anyway even its meant to be.
So come on !
All of you 'Anonymous' commenters anywhere,log onto your REAL account and show us all your not afraid.
If you don't have a blogger account,fair enough,SIGN YOUR FREAKIN' NAME AT THE END!
Show your not a coward,show us your not afraid to say what you want!


The Staff!

The moment is here!
Even though applications have only been open for a week and two days,I have my staff.
Some people might think I'm crazy for choosing so quickly,but if you wanted that job , you shoulda' seized it
when you had the chance!

Introducing,The OFFICIAL Staff of Lisa Couture

Graphic Designer (s) :
xxlovexx (Clothes)
AbiiBabeh..x (Make-Up Artist)

Backround Designer:
Rascal 313 (permanent)


Creative Director:


Lisa xx :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Whaddya' know it?
Another One Bites The Dust! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

See the ones that are gone?

Did anyone notice that . . .two tabs are missing?

Apply In Application Tabs!

When I made the post called 'Apply In Comments from now on' people are saying they want to be models in that post.
If you wasnt to apply for any job,you apply in the application tabs!
Apply for different jobs,if you no longer see a tab there,that means the people have been chosen.
While models are important,whats the point of applying if no-one applies for graphic designer and the otehr jobs.If they dont get filled,the line will be SHUT DOWN.
Im serious here..

Lisa xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Come On...

The Modeling application has the most comments,as I expected.
But come on!
I would love if this was released BEFORE Fashion Week,so ot doesn't get lost in the excitement.
Please apply for the other jobs,they are some of the most important!

Lisa xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want to Help me?

I would be very grateful,if whoever reads thid and has a blog,if you could make a post about Lisa Couture?
The more applications we get the faster this collection will be open to your eyes!
Think of it like that.
It will also mean,models and graphics designers and such will be chosen faster.
This migth sound crazy,but I would like to get this line done and out in February.
Tell me in comments iof you have made a post about Lisa Couture!

Lisa xx :)

Apply In Comments From Now On :)

The comments have been fixed,so if have applied by e-mail,please re-apply in the comment section

Lisa xx :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Applications COMMENTS

I do realize,that you can't comment in the application tabs but that should be fixed by late tonight or tomorrow.
I would LOVE to give you a taster of what might be coming,but the only thing I can say is:
Red,White and BLACK.

Lisa xx ;)

Please Apply :)

I really need you people to apply for jobs...
And,YES,you can apply for two jobs,and you might GET those two jobs.
One of the most important jobs will definitely be the backround designer.
I can't make backrounds,and unless no-one applies,it will be crap :P
And,please don't all charge ahead to get modeling jobs,jobs behind-the-scenes will be VERY important ones,as you know.
I am pleased to announce that tapstar321 is our Creative Director.
I know Nicole will don a brilliant job!

Lisa xx :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Header

As you can see,there is a new blog header,all thanks goes to fashionngirl.

Lisa xx :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My name is Lisa,IrishLily09 on Stardoll.
I was talking to a friend,and I all of a sudden wanted to start a fashion line,and he said it was a lot of hard work so that pushed me back.
But it still annoyed  . . my brain really.
I talked to other people about it,but then Nicole (tapstar321) finally convinced me,so if this is a success,I'll need to thank Nicole for it!
Please apply for the jobs available. :)

Lisa xx :)