Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry About This..

"Well well well! Swearing gets you nowhere, and respect for you has gone out the window - you know nothing about me at all! I have done a line myself, on stardoll and real life, and tbh, you barely know a thing!
And it was you who said you wanted it out before SFW week, so you brought the rush on yourself!
And I'm no Anonymous, so I can't give a comment about that!

And has your CD been one before? Because in my line (RL) I was everything, so before you slate me, know me!
Don't begin to even think you're anyone on stardoll yet, 2 years is nowhere in that world, I'm at 5 and it's only the beginning of getting somewhere!

P.S. You are asking for comments when you do things like this! "

Comment DELETED by xx-kirsten-xxx
I know people will of me as an idiot for doing this,but I do want to reply to this comment.
It says she deleted it,but its in my e-mail inbox so I can still see it.
I just want to reply to this thats all,so ignore this post if you really want to :)

I hope your line went well,I wouldn't know.
Despite the '09' at the end of my name,I've been on Stardoll since late 2008
There is still no rush with the line,SFW was pushed back into early March so that gives me more time.
I never said you were anonymous,if you look at the other comments there was one truly anonymous person,while the other signed her name.
If you've been on Stardoll for five years,then congratulations to you .Im not trying to 'make is somewhere'.
I want people to see that I can design,that I like it and that I can do this.
It has nothing to do with getting known or that stuff.
I wrote that post when I first saw the comments,I wasn't angry,I was frustrated so it all poured out.
I'm not going to delete it,because then people would only think I was a coward,and I know I am not.
Bare in mind,I didn't swear in that post too.

I just wanted that cleared up.
 know this is annoying for some people,so if this is so , my apologies

Lisa xx :)


  1. You shouldn't be sorry at all. They were the ones with the nasty messages, But that was nice of you (: And for those who still don't accept this, get a life and move on ..!

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  3. Hi, I'm sorry for anything I've said, it's been a really stressful few weeks for me and I've so much on my mind - I guess I just thought I had this one in the bag, like could be involved at least. And I read your comment to my friend jimmima, she's so sweet, adn you've been great to her, she just wants there to be a neutral atmosphere between us. And as for you being a stranger, tbh I didn't think of you as one, I've chatted to you before, and had left quite a few comments on your posts offering help, to me, offering help is giving you my friendship, do you kind of get my understanding?
    Anyway, sorry for any trouble, I am pleased for my friends who made it, I want them to go all the way and get far!
    Bye, K.

  4. And the 'C' word is swearing.
    I can't stand swearing, it's horrible.

  5. Crap isn't a swear word,its a word for poo :P

  6. I know it means 'poo' but really, it's not a swear word?!?! I never knew that!

  7. No , its not.And no offence,but you said you were leaving the blog...I dont have a problem that you still come to it but just sayin . . .

  8. Yeah, I meant leave as a follower. I want to keep up to date with how it goes.