Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Apply :)

I really need you people to apply for jobs...
And,YES,you can apply for two jobs,and you might GET those two jobs.
One of the most important jobs will definitely be the backround designer.
I can't make backrounds,and unless no-one applies,it will be crap :P
And,please don't all charge ahead to get modeling jobs,jobs behind-the-scenes will be VERY important ones,as you know.
I am pleased to announce that tapstar321 is our Creative Director.
I know Nicole will don a brilliant job!

Lisa xx :)


  1. I want to apply for the background design position. my username is hotgirl1501 and if u want to see my graphics go to

  2. I want to apply for modeling job (: My Stardoll username is: MissMollyEva