Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ENOUGH!Stop The Complaining!

Since I posted the staff,people are complaining to me.
One girl,is practically giving out to me because she didn't get chosen.
I know one girl has two jobs,but wanna know WHY?
She makes a great creative director and I know it.
She was the one who gave me the last PUSH to make this line,so shut up about it!
And back to the girl complaining she didn't get in,GROW UP!
I have applied for MILLIONS of modeling jobs and I haven't gotten any of them!
So dont be huffy.
One girl said 'Its always the Elites' when she didn't even apply for anything,she just said she wanted to be a model,but thats no good.You have to TRY as in APPLY.
If you have any crap or complaints to say it to me,say it to me!On your real account not some anonymous account,which makes that person a coward!
There are only three graphic designers,because they are AMAZING at it!
I know they are,I've seen their work which is why I decided just to have those three.
Its easier to talk about it and stuff,and to people saying 'it would be easier with more' as in get the line out quicker,yes I agree it would be.
But,there isn't much of a RUSH to get the line out.
I won't take any crap from anonymous people.I can deal with criticism just fine,but when the commenter is 'Anonymous' thats when it bugs me.
It means their afraid to say it to my face!
My  . . .pixel even!
I don't freak out or get angry or even be SAD if I dont get chosen for a model.
I just type something like . .  'Congrats!' and leave it at that.
Any criticism,throw it at me see if I give a damn.
I won't care,I will react of course,but I know its not personal,not to me anyway even its meant to be.
So come on !
All of you 'Anonymous' commenters anywhere,log onto your REAL account and show us all your not afraid.
If you don't have a blogger account,fair enough,SIGN YOUR FREAKIN' NAME AT THE END!
Show your not a coward,show us your not afraid to say what you want!



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  2. I'm no anonymous. I'm leaving the blog, your collection doesn't seem to need supporters or other blogs to thrive.

  3. Forgett aboutt themm, they're all haterrs(: Keep doing what you do besst & good luck with the line! It's your decision soo they just need to get over it(:

  4. I got an email saying I have good chance of being a model,but wasn't chosen. So what? Get over yourself and be happy for the people who did make it. Remember,this isn't real life;it's just a game.

  5. @ anonymous- she is not a fame whore. she is just using the best models, ones who have experience. I agree there should be a few that are new but know what they are doing.

    Stop bitching at her every1 cuz its just a virtual world so it's not THAT important. Chill!

    Keep up the hard work, Lisa! Ur doing a really good job so far:)

  6. nah she is the worse FAME WHORE I HAVE EVER SEEN!
    i hope your line and your life will be a total disaster!

    fuck you slut!